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A bio. Hmm. Bios can be so boring and self-congratulatory. And people tend to use big words. Like ‘self-congratulatory’.

Does it really matter what I studied at school, fancy job titles, credentials, and my career achievements? The important thing to know is I’ve been helping people build their brands for 30 years, both in Europe and North America. I’ve devised strategies, come up with the ideas, and turned those ideas in brand stories firsthand, not just been in the room. I’ve done crap work, mediocre work, and really great work. I’ve seen people building businesses make a lot of mistakes, and made mistakes myself. I’ve learnt from them, yet continue to make new mistakes too. I may have finally figured out how not to do crap work, and realize now that being mediocre… well, who the hell wants to be mediocre?

I believe experience beats theory, emotions beat logic, and culture beats strategy. My aim is to share my knowledge and thoughts about the things that contribute to building a successful brand.

See Simon live at the 2017 SBS, as he presents his workshop:

How to build a successful brand: a few things you should know