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Serial entrepreneur, Sandra Kahale, helps people connect powerfully – and profitably – online and off.

From content and communications strategy to her invite-only entrepreneur networking parties, Sandra is a connector who works with people, ideas, and words. She has helped countless businesses owners and would-be entrepreneurs develop smart, strategic plans and launch, grow, and communicate their businesses.

See Sandra live at the 2017 SBS, as she presents her workshop:

In It to Win It: Fire Up Your Funnel for More Sales
presented by the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre

Sluggish or inconsistent sales? Fire up your funnel by optimizing the journey you take prospects on, every step of the way. Get better, more consistent results, online and off.

Network and learn in this practical, fun session where you’ll:

  • Learn the key components of an effective sales funnel
  • Identify your weak spots
  • Apply simple techniques to optimize your funnel
  • Discover how to avoid & correct the most common sales funnel mistakes